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A 25-year-old young wife with fair-skinned beautiful breasts is

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A 25-year-old married woman who works as an esthetician is violently penetrated in various positions, making her moan and tremble as she climaxes over and over again.
I'm a masochist, but I can't tell my husband, and since I got married, I've had no sex, and while my sexual desire has built up, I've applied for AV jobs.
When I was touched in the waiting room of a love hotel, my pussy was so wet that I could hear a popping sound, and my body was twitching and cumming with full-on masochist play.

・Age: 25 years old
・Occupation: Esthetician, married woman (married for 2 years, no children, no cheating)
・Body: Beautiful breasts, fair skin, beautiful skin, beautiful butt, shaved, slender
・Sex with husband: No sex for about a year
・Reason for application: I was frustrated due to lack of sex and wanted to release my sexual desire through AV.

・Foreplay: Sensitivity check in the love hotel waiting room, kissing, ear & neck licking, breast massaging over clothes, nipple licking, armpit licking, nipple licking, cunnilingus, anal licking, fingering, blowjob, fingering & handjob
・Position: Missionary position → Throne → Back position → Back → Lying back → Rear position → Position → Missionary position → Sitting position → Cowgirl position → Missionary position (belly cumshot)

・Foreplay: Bathroom (pussy play, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjob)
・Position: Back (bathroom) → Missionary position (facial cumshot, cleaning blowjob)

Time: 61 minutes mp4